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From Meh To Marvellous… 

How to Have a Marvellous Midlife

Menopause is finally having a moment. Not that it wasn’t always around. It’s just that it was hidden, slightly ashamed of itself, definitely ignored, hoping it (read- midlife women) would stop being such a nuisance.

            My menopause story starts like so many others.

            Once upon a time… I woke and didn’t recognise myself anymore 🥴

            I was tired and wired, shrugging my way through life, everything seemed meh… slightly dimmed. I was forgetting things- not only who I was, but words, my KEYS, my temper….

According to the National Menopause Foundation of Canada, there are over 30 symptoms of menopause. It’s not just hot flashes. There are joint aches, heart palpitations, anxiety, bladder leaks and frequency concerns that need support.

            Where was I?

            Oh yes, brain fog. Another symptom.

            I was 45 years old and things were changing… and not for the better.

            I was in perimenopause.

            Peri what? I know- I didn’t know either.

            So I got to researching. As a doctor’s daughter I started looking to connect the dots. I read Dr Louise Newson, Dr Michelle Jacobson and Dr Lisa Mosconi for brain health. Wow- estrogen receptors are everywhere….

            So I went to my doctor to discuss HRT. I was prepared. I was already on micronised progestin- so topical estrogen might help me find myself again.

            No. She shook her head. It causes breast cancer… and then offered me antidepressants. I politely asked to be referred to my ObGyn and he agreed that I was a good candidate for HRT.

Within days I was back. Like a light💡 had been switched back on.

            My doctor’s reticence revealed the big gap in med school training around menopause. It wasn’t her fault. However, because I wouldn’t take no for an answer I was able to find help elsewhere.

Women Shouldn’t Have to Be Lucky To Get The Healthcare They Deserve

I was lucky to get the proper healthcare guidance. I didn’t take no, but too many others do and get lost, feel abandoned, or worse.

I don’t believe women should have to be lucky to get the healthcare they deserve. Whether they choose HRT or not, the balance of care cannot be left on the shoulders of a few women who can self advocate better than others.

The Woman in the Waiting Room Is DONE Waiting

So that’s why I do what I do. I help bridge the gap between the woman in waiting room and accurate medical healthcare.

Midlife is not a crisis. Midlife is the greatest opportunity for women to feel their best. We just need to catch up, to build a community of healthcare practitioners and advocates so that we can lead the way.

Women deserve better now. We are ready- let’s go! I can’t wait for our very first National Menopause Show!

            See you there.